They’re rebuilding things here.

“One cannot feel delight or pride in a place, a sense of belonging to a place, or a concern for the well-being of a place, if ‘there is no there there.’ So it’s not surprising that the erosion of our towns and cities has coincided with a retreat by Americans from civic life. The two trends reinforce one another. Our communities turn into jumbles because not enough people are looking after them, and ever fewer people are willing to look after places that have lost their souls.” – Scott Russell Sanders, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English at Indiana University, 1967 Marshall Scholar; born to a family of Mississippi cotton farmers who moved to Memphis in search of a better life. With much less money, many fewer people, and far greater problems than most other American cities, Jackson is being rebuilt by a handful of courageous people who cared about it too much to retreat. It’s an awesome sight, even for newcomers.